Materials for Bias Workshop

Activity #1

Who would you select to join your team, perhaps in Records and Enrollment Services?

Activity #3

What would be the hidden message behind each statement?

  1. A White man or woman clutches her purse or checks his wallet as a Black or Latino man approaches or passes them.
  2. An assertive female manager is labeled as a “bitch,” while her male counterpart is described as “a forceful leader.”
  3. A blind man reports that people often raise their voices when speaking to him. He responds by saying, “Please don’t raise your voice; I can hear you perfectly well.”
  4. The outfit worn by a TV reality-show mom is described as “classless and trashy.”
  5. A lesbian client in therapy reluctantly discloses her sexual orientation to a straight therapist by stating she is “into women.” The therapist indicates he is not shocked by the disclosure because he once had a client who was “into dogs.”


  1. Types of Bias 
  2. Microaggressions