ODI Faculty Fellows

Office for Diversity and Inclusion Fellows Program

The establishment of the ODI Faculty Fellows Program provides infrastructure to and resources toward creating a sustainable capacity-building model for diversity, equity, and inclusion across academic colleges/schools and campuses at UConn. ODI Faculty Fellows provide additional support within and across units to “advocate for access and equity, to welcome and celebrate the experiences of historically marginalized individuals and groups and to transform climate to build a more welcome and inclusive community” (ODI Mission Statement).


ODI Faculty Fellows are positioned to serve as a resource and platform for innovation and transformation at a local level, with support (both in terms of resources and training) from the University at-large. ODI Faculty Fellows represent various disciplinary areas and campuses: STEM, Professional Preparation Programs, Social Sciences (Arts & Humanities), regional campuses, and UConn Health.

ODI Faculty Fellows can support ODI’s efforts in the following domains:

1) graduate student support and development;

2) faculty and staff support and development;

3) ODI and unit-level strategy and operations related to DEI;

4) community outreach, engagement, and advocacy;

5) research and policy


ODI Faculty Fellows make a time commitment of approximately 10 hours a week throughout the academic year of their appointment. With that time, they contribute to ODI initiatives in one or two of the strategic domains assigned as well as other projects of interest to the affiliates and ODI (e.g. leadership trainings). ODI Faculty Fellows also attend monthly team meetings and professional development sessions.

ODI offers its Faculty Fellows one-course buy-out and/or $5,000 in professional development funds. In addition, they receive support from ODI graduate assistants and are providing a modest budget for specific initiatives.

After the year, ODI Faculty Fellows become ODI Faculty Affiliates. For more information on faculty affiliates, click here.

Higher Education & Student Affairs

List of People
Milagros Castillo-Montoya, Ed.DAssociate Professor


List of People
Melina Pappademos, PhD.Associate Professor