University Diversity Council

The University of Connecticut Diversity Council was established in May 2016 by President Susan Herbst and is charged with the development and implementation of a multi dimensional strategic diversity and inclusion plan that supports the diversity core value as stated in the academic plan and the six core recommendations of the Diversity Task Force.

Facilitated by Interim Associate Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer, Dana Wilder, the Council is composed of faculty, staff, and students across all academic and administrative units on campus.  The council also supports the execution of initiatives that would further the University’s goals of becoming a more inclusive community and a leader in diversity and inclusion in higher education.

The Council will additionally act in an advisory capacity to University leadership on issues including but not limited to student outreach and programmatic initiatives, expanding options related to diversity in the curriculum and across academic units, increased recruitment and retention of underrepresented groups amongst the students, faculty and staff, and utilizing metrics to monitor progress on diversity through analysis and assessment.

Members of the Diversity Council will also work to identify and disseminate best practices around the successful coordination and execution of diversity programs and initiatives across the University.



Jennifer Akosa
Zahra Ali
Jill Anderson
Sarita Arteaga
Stuart Brown
Elizabeth Conklin
Mike Enright
Alice Fairfield
Maria-Luz Fernandez

Michael Gilbert
Lucy Gilson
David Henderson
Teresa Johnston
Kim Kim
Donna Korbel
Mona Lucas
Maria Martinez
Katherine Martin
Merlita Murphy
Avolyn Nieves
Ajhanai Newton


Noemi Maldonado Picardi
Jose Luis Ramos
Hans Rhynhart
Roxanne Roy
Cathy Schlund-Vials
Marie Smith
Adrianne Swinney
Mei Wei
Aliza Wilder
Edvin Yegir