Statement of Support Against Racism and Violence

June 3, 2020

Statement of Support Against Racism and Violence

I am repulsed by the horrific deaths and injustices that the Black community continues to endure. Systemic racism, violence and oppression of People of Color must not be allowed to continue. I aspire to do more personally and within the Department to support our Black students and colleagues and the Black community in general. As a way of amplifying this message, I am attaching the statement sent out by the Avery Point Director on behalf of the Leadership Team.

J. Evan Ward

Head, Department of Marine Sciences

Avery Point Leadership Team Member


Dear UConn Avery Point Community,

The Leadership Team and I are heartbroken and angry over the losses of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and far too many others killed at the hands of racist-fueled violence and felt the need to amplify the President and Provost’s message.

I am deeply concerned by the increase in acts of violence and hatred rather than understanding and compassion. It is imperative that we learn from experiences, history, cultures, values, beliefs, and views different from our own and that we strive to become more empathic and more compassionate every day. At Avery Point, we respect and value differences of all kinds, and we depend on the contributions of a diverse community to continue to make Avery Point a special place. I aspire to do more in support of our Black students and colleagues and the Black community in general. I recognize that collectively we need to do more to make UConn Avery Point an educational place that fosters and sustains equity and social justice. I welcome suggestions on how we can better support and serve you. Additionally, I implore you to listen to one another and to exercise empathy as you draw on and support each other.

Please remember, that at this moment we all need different things. In addition to connecting to those you trust at Avery Point, I want to remind you that The Office for Diversity and Inclusion offers some wonderful racial justice resources, which is a great supplement to the work of our Cultural Centers.

I look forward to working with University and Campus Leadership and all of you to advance our efforts to build an anti-racist campus and university.

Be well – Annemarie