Welcome to the Pack – FAQ


Question: What is Welcome to the Pack?

Answer: Welcome to the Pack is a diversity and inclusion module created by UConn students, alumni, staff, and faculty, for UConn students just like you. The scenarios in the module are real events that have occurred at UConn.*student identities in the scenarios have been changed for privacy purposes.


Question: How long will it take for the hold on my registration to be lifted after I complete the program?

Answer: The hold on registration will be lifted shortly after the successful completion of the program. You are required to earn at least an 80% on the program. Please be advised that verification of completion occurs periodically every day, and is not instantaneous upon completion.


Question: I participated in a similar training as a student (or colleague) at another school (or workplace).  Do I have to take this one?

Answer: Yes. It is important that all members of our UConn community have access to the same comprehensive information regarding these important topics.  As a result, exemptions are not available based on the completion of different programs selected by other institutions or organizations to address similar themes.


Question: I am concerned that I may have a strong emotional response to the program’s subject matter. 

Answer: Our goal is to provide you with information that invites you to create a more inclusive campus community. The training contains material and examples of bias and microaggressions. The scenarios in the module are real events that have occurred at UConn. The student identities have been changed for privacy purposes. We will provide UConn resources throughout the program, we understand such programming may affect some viewers.  Please contact the Office for Diversity and Inclusion, (860) 486-2422, or welcometothepack@uconn.edu, for support. Please note: you will not receive a waiver based on a high level of knowledge of the topic or previous training participation.


Question: I am an online/part-time/remote student.  Does this apply to me?

Answer: Yes. The topics covered in this program are important for all members of our UConn community and may even be useful beyond the classroom and your time at UConn.  Online students, clinical students, part-time students, and others receiving an invitation to participate in this program are held to the same standards and maintain the same rights and responsibilities as any other individual affiliated with our institutions and offices.  A review of this program is an expectation even if you never come to campus or an affiliated office.


Question: Do I need to provide proof of completion?

Answer: No. Your successful completion of the program will be documented through a centralized process.


Question: How long is it going to take me to complete the training?

Answer: The training takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.  You may stop and save your training at any time.


Question: Can I pause the program and return at a different time to continue?

Answer: Yes. You may stop and save your training at any time.  You will need to log back into the training by using the same process you used to enter it the first time, and it will take you to where you left off.


Question: What happens when I finish the program?

Answer: You will see a confirmation screen and the site will automatically inform us of your completed module. You will receive an email summary of your reflections and the hold on registration will be lifted shortly after successful completion of the program.


Question: What is the deadline for taking the program?

Answer: Prior to your arrival on campus. Satisfactory completion of the program is required in order to remove a registration hold for the following term.  You are required to earn at least an 80% on the program.


Question: How do I report a bias incident at UConn?

Answer: Bias-related incidents, as defined in our protocol, are not tolerated at the University of Connecticut, and individuals who are victims of bias-related incidents may be protected through the Student Code (http://community.uconn.edu/the-student-code-preamble/) and Connecticut laws related to discrimination, harassment, or intimidation based on bigotry or bias. Please visit the Dean of Students Website (https://dos.uconn.edu/bias-reporting-2/) for resources and information regarding the process for reporting a bias incident. Incidents may also be reported to Residential Life, Cultural Centers, or student organization advisors. The module will also list the reporting process in the Resources menu.


Question: Do the videos have closed captioning (CC)?

Answer: Yes. The videos have the option of Closed Caption, Audio Description (audio that describes the images in the video), and High Definition.  Video transcripts are also available.


Question: I have a question that is not answered here.  What should I do?

Answer: For answers to questions not addressed here, please contact: welcometothepack@uconn.edu.