Advancing Inclusive Diversity Excellence (AIDE)

This fund is currently unavailable.

The Office for Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) is committed to inclusive excellence and recognizes that a community or institution’s success is dependent on how well it values, engages and includes the rich diversity of students, staff, faculty, administrators, and alumni. More than a short-term project or single office initiative, this comprehensive approach requires a fundamental transformation of the institution by valuing embedding and practicing inclusion in every effort, aspect, and level within the university. The goal is to make inclusion a part of the fabric of who we are; consistently implemented and practiced across all units and constituencies.

ODI has an annual limited budget to support campus diversity initiatives and programming that create an inclusive and welcoming campus. Collaborative projects are highly encouraged. AIDE requests will be accepted from all UConn students, faculty, staff, administrators, departments, academic programs, and student organizations.


  • Applicants must submit their AIDE requests at least 30 business days before the program/event
  • Applicants are encouraged to prioritize program/event requests to include the most relevant or important program/event as limited funding is available. As such, funding may not be approved at the total amount requested.
  • Funding must be used for the program/event requested on the AIDE form.
  • Funding will not be approved for a program/event that is considered mainly social in nature.
  • Funding will be provided for a single program/event per fiscal year.  Applicants initiating recurring programs/events must reapply in subsequent fiscal years.
  • A valid UConn KFS number is required. Funds will not be disbursed to non-university accounts.
  • The Office for Diversity and Inclusion must be listed as a sponsor in all advertising, printed programs, and other related communications for the program/event in which funding is approved. By request, logos may be provided for use in advertisement and printed materials.
  • Recipients should provide program/event information at least 2 weeks prior to the program/event so that ODI may promote via its communication platforms.
  • Recipients of ODI funding must submit an AIDE post-event report within 2 weeks of the program completion with attendance information, evaluation, summary of the event, and supporting documentation.
  • Failure to comply with any of the above will impact consideration of future requests.
  • Funding must be returned if the event is canceled.

Application Form Checklist:

  1. Full name of applicant
  2. Email of applicant
  3. Title of applicant
  4. Unit or organization to receive the funds
  5. Briefly describe the mission of your unit or organization
  6. Program/event name
  7. Date, time, and location of program/event (actual or proposed)
  8. Briefly describe the program/event
  9. Explain how this program/event promotes equity, diversity, and inclusion either on or off campus
  10. Explain how this effort fosters dialogue around equity, diversity, and inclusiveness
  11. Intended primary audience for this program/event, including size and demographics
  12. Marketing strategy for reaching the intended primary audience
  13. Funding requests
    • Total budgeted cost for the program/event
    • Please provide an itemized budget for all costs associated with the program/event
    • Amount of support requested from the Office for Diversity & Inclusion
    • Has the Office for Diversity & Inclusion sponsored this program/event in the past?
    • Please provide a list of all UConn sponsors providing funding for this program/event and the percentage of the total cost provided by each
    • Please provide a list of prospective UConn sponsors that denied funding this program/event and why (if applicable)
    • If approved, the KFS number to be used
  1. Deadline for decision
  3. Agreement of Terms

AIDE Application Form

AIDE Post Event Report Checklist

  1. Full name
  2. Email
  3. Unit or organization
  4. Program/event name
  5. Date, time, and location of program/event
  6. Briefly describe the program/event
  7. How many people attended the event?
  8. Were the funds used as intended? If no, explain.
  9. Explain how this program/event promoted equity, diversity, and inclusion AND fostered dialogue around equity, diversity, and inclusiveness at UConn
  10. What would you do differently to improve this event?

AIDE Post Event Report